Who thinks Triond doesn’t pay that Much ?

That’s true, But for those who don’t have any skills and just writing about anything they got in  their mind.

The key secret is: People need to read a Popular topic not just your thoughts. Try to give as much information you can so people can easily rate your content and comment them for more…

Most of my articles came up from my thoughts, But what I just realized was People not going to come to your article or anything You published until they don’t know what are you on about? as my Idol, Bo Jack said you need to use proper grammar and should make some sense, So that’s what I’m doing right now, I’m happy that Bo Jack has given me that advice.

So what you really need for a good article? I’m not talking about Hot content, If I knew how to be there I would prefer not to tell anybody and made it there.
Read more in Style

So what a good article should look like: proper grammar as I’m not using in this article Because I’m not that good in English but still I’m keep trying to improve my English by writing more and learning more. 

I’m sure if you have a experience to write then you will be make more cash and you will have more respect on Triond.

As a Triond user you can easily beat everyone out there on Hot content list, just try to get information or start a very nice topic which is latest and nice. I think you got what I’m saying.