SRINAGAR, India  - Violence flared in Kashmir on Thursday, a day after the prime ministers of India and Pakistan signalled a thaw in relations between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.

One innocent was killed when anti-India protesters attacked a bus in Srinagar, and at-least dozen were badly injured when police fired tear-gas shells to disperse hundreds of stone-throwing demonstrators, authorities said.

Police detained Kashmir’s hardline separatist leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, who had called for a march to the U.N. Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan to protest human rights violations allegedly by government troops.

The chief of the separatist All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) alliance, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, was placed under home arrest to prevent  demonstrations, a police official said.
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“The U.N. march was foiled and arrests were made to prevent large scale protests,” said the official, who asked not to be named.

This is the second time, which happened again in 3 years. Police officer said that we were always want to be peace and never have a war with each other’s but some of the terrorists came up from somewhere and made Pakistan and India fight with each other
Officer also said that it’s up to us, how we make our country best and stop racists with each other. He said, there are no bad religion, There are 2 kind of people, One who are good and do good things, And Second Good people who do good things.

In this century more and more people taking part of one the racists organisations. I would like to say that to world please Do not War only Love. What will you do If Our Earth is gonna end up soon what will you do then ? So the key secret is, Enjoy your life and let all other’s to enjoy it.

Sometimes we take being healthy for granted until for some reason we become ill or find it difficult to cope.
In the last decade there has been unprecedented interest on the part of individuals in their own health care.  People want to participate in their own health care and governments are keen to encourage them in order to cut down on increasing health cost.

Investigating personal health and well-being

Consider how healthy you are. You know how unpleasant it is to feel unwell but what does being healthy really mean? A person who is in good health is someone whose body is working at maximum efficiency mentally and physically.

Here are some factors which affect your health:

Organism, microbes, parasites
National services relating to health and welfare
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In addition to these factors, increasing attention is being paid to lifestyle factors. Why do cancer, diabetes, heart disease and strokes occur particularly in our western society?

The quest for finding out is known as epidemiology. Epidemiologists are now identifying `lifestyle’ factors, particularly diet and lack of exercise, as causes of health problems. We all have the power to influence our own health.

The effects of lack of exercise

It is often said that the people who would benefit most from exercise feel least like taking it! Certainly lack of exercise contributes to obesity, cardiovascular problems, muscle weakness and stress.

Effect of stress

Stress is a condition which can result from many different life activities and events. Some stress can be good for us and can be used positively. But in certain situations it can be detrimental to our mental and physical health.

The effects of lack of sleep

Different people need different amounts of sleep. Adults average eight hours a night, older people need less and younger people more.

While we sleep our bodies repair themselves. Good sleep is vital for the processes of renewal in the body. A person who is deprived of sleep experiences great difficulty in concentrating and dealing with even simple problems.

If we are unable to sleep properly, it may indicate that we are worried, drinking too much alcohol or taking insufficient exercise.

There is nothing better than natural sleep and people who are experiencing problems might consider some of the following remedies:

Taking more exercise – try walking or jogging
Having a milky drink before bed
Avoiding rich, highly spiced foods
Reading before going to sleep
Trying a mental task like counting sheep
Keeping warm
Cutting down on noise
Not smoking in the bedroom
Having a really comfortable bed

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The World Health Organisation has produced a definition of health which many people use:

‘Health is a status of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity).

Perhaps dividing the concept of health into these different aspects could be considered to be artificial, but it is useful for study purposes. However, it is important that we remember to consider people as whole human beings (this is called the holistic approach).

The holistic approach is also known as PIES (and this might help us remember the four different aspects of health):

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Physical aspects of health:

These aspects concern the physical functioning of the human body: Sufficient food of the right types and proportions, clean drinking water, warmth provided by heating and clothing, having the right amount of sleep and rest and exercise regularly.

Social aspects of health:

These include the ability to form good relationships with other people and ability to maintain these relationships.

Intellectual aspects of health:

These include the ability to think clearly and in an organised way.

Emotional aspects of health:

These include people’s abilities to recognise emotions, such as grief, excitement, fear, joy, etc. and to express these emotions appropriately. It also means being able to cope with stress, worry and sadness when these occur in our lives.

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The cycle of poverty begins with children who are born in poverty and grow up poverty and learn the culture of poverty.
Most of the children suffer from poor health because of poverty they have.

Children miss their school because of health, This leads to missing  their school and that’s all because of poverty, and because of poverty they won’t get their qualifications because they don’t like it much because their friends make new friends and they do not feel good enough to stay in school.

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Members of some minority ethnic groups experience worse health than other groups. Here is a example of some research:                                                                                                                                                           Richer minority ethnic groups, including Indians and African Asians including Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Caribbean communities.

How do we explain these inequalities in health?                                                                                                     One explanation for these inequalities in health is that they reflect social class differences.

The most recent migrants – such as those Bangladeshi and Pakistani and Indian descent to be concentrated in the lowest occupational groups and in the poorest housing, as well as;

 low-paid manual occupations;
jobs in industries that are most hazardous to health, such as laundry, textiles and clothing industries;
occupations that have been especially affected by successive economics recessions, such as in textiles and footwear.
Shift work, poor job security and fringe benefits, low pay and the high risk of unemployed are all likely to lead to poorer health among black and minority ethnic communities.
So the differences in health not linked to specific genetic, diseases are likely to be linked to poverty.

Your Name: status update, what are you doing, is the first thing most Myspace users do once they log in. Update the world on what we are doing, wearing, who we are with or what kind of mood we are in. Status share everything about us, but we are the ones doing the sharing as the rest of the world waits and reads our all life stories minute by minute and appreciate it with comments.

The latest Myspace social networking site is for everyone, either you live in Africa.  This newest trend is helping spark awareness for Breast Cancer, local events and even the colour of a woman’s bra. We, the Myspace user, as we know it basically represent connecting to people. We follow by direction without questions. We see it as a status and right away, we copy it as ours and keep the chain going. Good and bad can stem from this but none the less posses a unique trend to not only be a part of, but to watch and analyze how doing what we do on a daily basis without thought can be the exact same thing everyone else is doing all over the world.

In this site be careful, you always have to be aware of fake links people send to their status and ask you to click that link it could be a scam link and this site is for everyone so anyone can join in.
To all visitors who have come to the page because they read it in a status or they stumbled upon in an web based article, please comment and leave only your name and city. This can show how many people posted this as a status and followed everyone else like a sheep. Its also a neat way to find out how many people all over the world actually stumbled across this page as well. Happy Blogging to all.
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My Triond Case Study

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Hi guys, Thanks for coming to this article, I will take your only 5-7 minutes.

Yesterday I was sitting next to some other religious guys there were some Pakistani, Jews, White and Indians also as Afghani’s. I was trying to get more information about 9/11 attact because I want to make a Presentation on it. 

Okay. When I was with those guys a guy who was a White guy started to talk about 9/11 and he blamed all Pakistani’s and Iranian’s, But I wasn’t so sure and I Disagree on him and I Started to talk with everyone who was already there with me, I asked everyone to give their opinions about “George W. Bush” Because I heard a lot bad about him, I asked everyone opinions and the final result was that George W. Bush wasn’t a good President and he was the one who started blaming Iran and take their country and he’s the one who made America been through 9/11 and some of them said George W. Bush was the one who done that plane crash.

But still they wasn’t so sure Who actually did this and why they were blaming George W. Bush. So I need your Opinion about 9/11 attack.

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A tornado hit the south-eastern United States of Mississippi, killing at least 15 innocent people, including children’s.

There was “utter obliteration” in Ya-zoo County, where four to five people died, the state governor said. A state of emergency was declared in 18 counties.

A church in Ya-zoo City was flattened and houses reduced to rubble. The nearby states of Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama were also hit by tornadoes and damaged a lot.

Officials fear the death toll may rise as more debris is cleared.

The National Guard has been deployed to help in the search and rescue operation.

Why Facebook is getting dirt and dirty everyday? The answer is Networking with your own family and your own people. People are trying to add everyone on facebook so they can have chat with each other and enjoy to use it, But some peoples are really dumb a heard a story on news that a Father asked her 13-years-old daughter to have a sex with her, I mean what is that, How a Father can have a sex with a daughter and if they do why they show that to world, the person said

Hi Subject how are you, listen I want to ask you something what about to have sex with me tonight, I will wait for you please come soon…
Police has find the comment on facebook and arrested him immediately and he has been charged to have a sex with her daughter.
Mother of the daughter can’t believe that her Husband asked her to have sex with her, and she said that her daughter is very intelligent that she didn’t go to her father instead of going to police.
Daughter also said that her Father was giving her threaten calls, But she said I’m Lucky that he’s gone to jail now…
There is another reason what cause facebook Gets dirty, which is advertisements. Adverts are also has been a part of sex there are many facebook adverts on what you will see is a girl with nude picture, and that is why more people are searching sex on facebook, this is my personal thinking.
I would request to all people’s that they should choose other way to call her daughter or sister for sex at home.

Well, I think People should control their Self.

Reader is a desperate person who is looking for something impressive.

Reader never back off until reader finds that read. Reader will never let you say that you don’t have something for him/she, reader must find something which will be more impressive than his/her thoughts.
What a reader really like?