Why Facebook is getting dirt and dirty everyday? The answer is Networking with your own family and your own people. People are trying to add everyone on facebook so they can have chat with each other and enjoy to use it, But some peoples are really dumb a heard a story on news that a Father asked her 13-years-old daughter to have a sex with her, I mean what is that, How a Father can have a sex with a daughter and if they do why they show that to world, the person said

Hi Subject how are you, listen I want to ask you something what about to have sex with me tonight, I will wait for you please come soon…
Police has find the comment on facebook and arrested him immediately and he has been charged to have a sex with her daughter.
Mother of the daughter can’t believe that her Husband asked her to have sex with her, and she said that her daughter is very intelligent that she didn’t go to her father instead of going to police.
Daughter also said that her Father was giving her threaten calls, But she said I’m Lucky that he’s gone to jail now…
There is another reason what cause facebook Gets dirty, which is advertisements. Adverts are also has been a part of sex there are many facebook adverts on what you will see is a girl with nude picture, and that is why more people are searching sex on facebook, this is my personal thinking.
I would request to all people’s that they should choose other way to call her daughter or sister for sex at home.

Well, I think People should control their Self.