Blogging has to be one of the biggest crazes of the past ten years or so and it sometimes seems like just about every Tom Dick and Harry is blogging about every possible aspect of the crazy world.

If you’re one of them and are looking for an app that will let you update your faithful teems of followings while you’re out and about, then BlogPress might just be it.

In order to use the app, you must already have a blog up and running somewhere to add to it. You can’t add any blog either, as (at the time of writing) the app is only compatible with eight blogging websites, though it is a small list of popular ones. Blogger, MSN Live Spaces, Wordpress, Live Journal and a handful of others are present.

The ‘Manage’ button at the bottom of the interface brings you to a page from which you can navigate to any that you’ve added to the app. From here you can also see lists of the posts you’ve made on your blogs. Pressing the post buttons brings you to post where you can view any text or photos you’ve uploaded in its raw format and make any edits that may be needed.

Once you’ve finishing making a new post, uploading it takes varying amounts of time depending on how many photos you’ve added and how good your signal is at the time. When the post is uploaded BlogPress gives you the option to view the actual page, at which point the app will close in favour of Safari so you can see your handy work. A nifty ‘Write’ button along the bottom of the interface takes you straight to the writing page from wherever you are in the app.

The settings options are fairly slim but the important stuff is there such as variable font size and even a signature that will get published when you blog from your iPhone.

The iPhone’s large screen makes it a good tool for mobile blogging and BlogPress makes the process that much more iPhone friendly. It’s a shame that there’s such a small list of supported blogging sites, but at least they’re popular ones. The app would be particularly useful to anyone that has more than one blog in sites supported by BlogPress as you’ll be able to update both from the same place.

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