my first ever animation using macromedia flash 8. I taught myself the program by making this for aschool project. Sorry about the compression, especially on the trees near the end, trust me its looks better uncompressed.
PS any properties of movie clips didnt export properly, ie. the planet was supposed to have an atmosphere, one building should glow, text looks crappy etc etc. Garrr!

Was a few days worth of bumbling around to learn the program and create this, but it made the grade so it did what it had to. There's no real point or moral to the story, if it can even be called such. Anyway, enjoy.

this is my first attempt at a arview of one of my fave anime shows. as some of you know tenchi muyo is about the life of a boy who's boring life is changed when six women from space land on his doorstep, so to say ( it's like every man's dream ) but tenchi treats them all the same ( plays no favorites ) please be kind, don't worry fans of my balloon videos, I haven't forgotten about you :)