Hi guys. This post is not that interested but I want to make it special by showing a perfect application for you any Apple Touch device. App name "BlogPress" Basically this App is specially designed for blogger users. In this App one of the great feature I like is that you can actually post a video through you Touch device and what makes it look more real is that if you post a video on your blog through this App. That video will also post on your YouTube channel.

So my experience with this is great and I'm actually writing this all in my iPhone. And I'm telling you this feels really good.

If you are with you family or friends and saw something different, interesting or whatever you just need to load this App and start talk about what you did what did you saw or whatever.

So ratings on this App are 4/5 because one of the feature I don't like about this App is you can't edit your post in Rich Text. You need to do it in HTML way.

So still I recommend this App if you are a blogging lover.

Available on iTunes.