Reader is a desperate person who is looking for something impressive.

Reader never back off until reader finds that read. Reader will never let you say that you don’t have something for him/she, reader must find something which will be more impressive than his/her thoughts.
What a reader really like?

Reader will always need more and more information about the subject they are looking for. so if a reader looking for a technology book where reader will get most of the technology information then reader should go to the perfect one.

The key is 
if a person wants the best that doesn’t mean he/she will not come to you, the thing is there are 100s or billions people looking for something which you may have, so stop thinking about a hot topic or a hot news for earn more revenue, just focus on what are you writing and how you writing. Post anything you know there are many topics you might want to use them or there must be at-least 1 topic which may you already know.

So next time you write, Write from your heart and mind. and never cheat