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Cutting down your food intake puts your body into “starvation mode” and slows your metabolism. All you’re doing when you cut down more is making that worse.

You want to increase your metabolism: the easiest way to do that is increase your muscle mass, but that on a girl can look a bit tranny – so try yoga: it tones the muscle and gives you a lovely shape: and there’s a move called the plough which stimulates your thyroid (which boosts your metabolism!)

Try to sleep before 8pm and do not eat anything after 7pm it will make your body completely relaxed, and if you not going to eat anything after 7pm then your body should be loosing wait.

Also, if you find you cant eat 3 full meals a day, try 5 small ones. I eat this way because I found I got sick from 3 larger meals a day and my weight has been fine (eg a grapefruit for breakfast, couple of slices of pastrami around mid morning, a chicken salad for lunch, an apple, orange and a banana mid afternoon, and something like a lamb chop and salad for dinner)

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Just drink nak loads of water (about 10 hi-ball sized glasses a day if you can) cut out things like heavy carbs (pasta, bread, etc) and empty junk calories from things like chocolate or sweets, and take up something like yoga, pilates, swimming or aerobics 3 times a week, and it’ll drop off soon enough


Aap koshish karen ke apna body weight gym ke zariye door karen, all over aap ko bas thodi si exercise karni padegi din mein 1 bar 5 minute jogging kar li jiye toh aapka fat kam ho jaye ga. Aap try karen ke apne nearest doctor se pata karlen aur thodi diet ki recipes le len, main aapko suggest karoonga ke aap 7pm ke bad kuch na khayen, Behtar hai ki so jayen jisse aapko aur bhook nahi lage gi.