A tornado hit the south-eastern United States of Mississippi, killing at least 15 innocent people, including children’s.

There was “utter obliteration” in Ya-zoo County, where four to five people died, the state governor said. A state of emergency was declared in 18 counties.

A church in Ya-zoo City was flattened and houses reduced to rubble. The nearby states of Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama were also hit by tornadoes and damaged a lot.

Officials fear the death toll may rise as more debris is cleared.

The National Guard has been deployed to help in the search and rescue operation.

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Power-lines have been blown down and roads are complete blocked by falling trees after a tornado touch down to be almost a mile (1.6 km) wide blew through the centre of Mississippi.

The winds were completely destroying everything include trees and homes, there were 100s of house which were destroyed in seconds.

Meteorologists put wind speeds at about 140 miles per hour (249kph).

The storms brought very heavy rain to some areas.

six people died in Choctaw County – two of them were children – while four of the other deaths were in Ya-zoo County and one was in Holmes County.

nine injured people were take by helicopter from Ya-zoo County to hospitals in the state capital, Jackson, for treatment.

Kenneth Gurley, of Warren County, said: “When I got up, the windows started crushing and damaging out and it blew me from one room to the next room and injured me very hardly.

“I grabbed my son, we got on the floor, and next thing I know the roof come off, all the windows were crushed out, the house started flooding with huge wave of water.”

“There are lots of places where a person can get blown off the road,” There were about 100s of people who injured very hardly and some of them didn’t survive and we were lucky to be a survivers. We hope it won’t happen again