Hi guys, Thanks for coming to this article, I will take your only 5-7 minutes.

Yesterday I was sitting next to some other religious guys there were some Pakistani, Jews, White and Indians also as Afghani’s. I was trying to get more information about 9/11 attact because I want to make a Presentation on it. 

Okay. When I was with those guys a guy who was a White guy started to talk about 9/11 and he blamed all Pakistani’s and Iranian’s, But I wasn’t so sure and I Disagree on him and I Started to talk with everyone who was already there with me, I asked everyone to give their opinions about “George W. Bush” Because I heard a lot bad about him, I asked everyone opinions and the final result was that George W. Bush wasn’t a good President and he was the one who started blaming Iran and take their country and he’s the one who made America been through 9/11 and some of them said George W. Bush was the one who done that plane crash.

But still they wasn’t so sure Who actually did this and why they were blaming George W. Bush. So I need your Opinion about 9/11 attack.

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