Oh my god.
Hey guys, thanks for giving your time to read this article.
So, Today was the most successful day ever in my life, Why?

 Well, Because I got my Triond earnings woo…I been waiting for my earnings for whole month and finally I got them on my pay-pal account.
How much time Did I spent to get this much money on Triond?
I been spent over 7 hours a day for a full month….
Why I been spending this much time everyday?
Ofcourse money =D No, I’m just joking I wasn’t spending this much money for money not for those penny’s
So How much Did I earn from my 40 articles i wrote in 1 month?
$1.45 > converted in to UK currency = £0.95 oh my god I can’rt believe that i got this much money, my parent’s would be so proud.
So finally, What Did I bought from ebay?
It will not be shame to tell you guys that I bought Nintendo wii, PS3, X box 360 Elite and ofcourse the famous iPhone 3. But How I can buy these big things with this small amount of money? :S hmm well Ofcourse I’m joking But I bought these things from ma own damn pocket money.
But seriously I bought a Cover for ma iPhone and i was lucky that the person who sold me that on ebay gave me a free delivery with it
anyway that was ma this month earnings story. Wait for the next one

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