My Triond Case Study

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As you guys know triond is a website where you make money by writing articles and publish them on various websites, such as: HealthMad, Weboun and others. In this website you publish unique articles which should not be copyrighted, that means you can not copy an article from any other website and paste it on triond, No that doesn’t work for you. People who are actually trying achieve anything on triond then they must learn how to deal with it. Triond members should write a original and professional content in order to attract most of the people on this planet                      earth.

My achievement isn’t really good but it seems to be increasing day by day, and I’m happy with that. I been using Triond for about 2 years now but my earnings isn’t really good as it needs to be Why?
First when I joined Triond it seems to be fun by writing your thoughts and earn money, I thought I will earn that much money which will let me buy a Ipod. I was really desperate to get 1 of these Ipod and I was keep writing everyday to get 1 of that, After writing about 5-6 original articles  in a week, I decided to leave it until next week to see how many visitors do I get and how much money will I earn by spending few hours in a week. After a week I checked my account and I was completely shocked what I seen on ma dashboard was $0.15, because that was my first earning I was really happy and then I decided to write more and more to be on hot content list, But after writing 10 articles to triond I had a very high fever which caused me resting 2-3 weeks and from that time I remember the date also which was 20/July/2007 I decided to leave my triond dream forever. When I discharged from Hospital, My Mom gave me a surprise and that was a Ipod nano 4GB in silver, I was very happy and I wasn’t so sure when will I return to Triond and make money by my skills.
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But in 2010 I decided to join Triond again and I had so many writing stuff on my desk which I just published on Triond and what I get ? well when I published my articles after February 2010 the number of visitors to my articles was awesome, which inspire me to write more articles. And from then Writing articles just become my favourite Hobbie.

My earnings after 3 month spending on triond are more then those $0.25 and I’m glad that I found this website which respect me and my articles. A big thank you to Triond and all the folks out there who read my articles. Cheers.