Your Name: status update, what are you doing, is the first thing most Myspace users do once they log in. Update the world on what we are doing, wearing, who we are with or what kind of mood we are in. Status share everything about us, but we are the ones doing the sharing as the rest of the world waits and reads our all life stories minute by minute and appreciate it with comments.

The latest Myspace social networking site is for everyone, either you live in Africa.  This newest trend is helping spark awareness for Breast Cancer, local events and even the colour of a woman’s bra. We, the Myspace user, as we know it basically represent connecting to people. We follow by direction without questions. We see it as a status and right away, we copy it as ours and keep the chain going. Good and bad can stem from this but none the less posses a unique trend to not only be a part of, but to watch and analyze how doing what we do on a daily basis without thought can be the exact same thing everyone else is doing all over the world.

In this site be careful, you always have to be aware of fake links people send to their status and ask you to click that link it could be a scam link and this site is for everyone so anyone can join in.
To all visitors who have come to the page because they read it in a status or they stumbled upon in an web based article, please comment and leave only your name and city. This can show how many people posted this as a status and followed everyone else like a sheep. Its also a neat way to find out how many people all over the world actually stumbled across this page as well. Happy Blogging to all.
Join today.