Sleep is a natural thing of our life, it’s not an option that you can choose whether to sleep or stay awake. Some people don’t get their sleep properly and some take the Mick out of their routine. They don’t know how important it is to sleep and wake up on time. People who don’t get their proper sleep there are actually sending an invitation to severe problems in their life. 
The average individual maintains his or her health with about eight hours of sleep and each hour is important in 8 hours of sleep. It is a natural restorative cycle that allows the body to rest and properly regenerate itself, so that it can continue to function appropriately. 

Sleep’s been proven to help in many psychological functions of the body. For example, many people have found that when they get enough rest, they are able to think more clearly and able to remember thing more effectively. Sleep plays an essential role in the prevention of depression and other sorts of mental illness.

People who are rested are found to be more energetic in the body and in the mind. People who sleep well their confidence levels increases too. People who don’t get enough sleep they get drowsy while driving, which causes accident.

There have been many studies about this, and they all discovered that those who sleep less than five hours every night have greater risk of dying early. When we go for the parties and clubbing at night we usually don’t bother about, what time are we sleeping. Some people chat online on msn and sleep at 5 or 6 of the morning and then later they realize it’s unethical to keep your self awake. One of my friends talks to his girlfriend on the phone for the whole night till 6 or 7 of the morning and as a result he has to skip his lessons. Even my brother falls asleep at 4 o clock of the morning and the reason why he does that is to watch shows and documentaries on TV.

I hope you have understood all the reasons of why we should get sufficient sleep and keep our mind and body work perfectly.   

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