It is my personal experience with these four ways so I’m sharing with you guys hope it helps.
It’s been up-to 2 weeks now since I created my own Website with paying more then $9.95 US dollars. When I was purchasing a domain name I was thinking will my thoughts make my website going up and run successfully? But what I realised was nothing is impossible, If you have the guts to show your respect through something that you really like to do, then it’s never too late to show up you guts.

But what did I get by purchasing a website domain name? I need a good web-hosting program which can help me to create a website without hassling any problems, So what I just thought was a complete cool Idea that was I’m not saying that blogger is the only way of making money there are more then billion website where you can make money online.

Blogger was a second thought which came to my mind. My first thought was Wordpress which is very hard to use for me. Blogger gives you a complete offline or online support and the great thing about this It’s powered by google the only search engine around the world which every person appriciate to search.
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How I’m making money with blogger?

The answer is can not be describe in simple words. First what you need to make a good blogger and attract more people to visit your blog, I’m not saying that you need to purchase a custom domain name at the very beginning But yeh you will need that for later, but the the very first thing you need to do is make a blog with lot’s of information so if you are writing about Technology you need to make sure that you keep update your blog every week or might be everyday because more and more technology’s coming everyday.

Second thing actually this should be the first step but no problem, Okay to attract more people to your blog you need a good looking template of-course, So I suggest you that you go and checkout the blogger official template website, there you will find a bunch of templates by your choice and categories.

Third thing, You actually need to give some little more time to your blog, Blogging is not just a way that you write for you self, it’s the helpful program for other’s to solve their money problem, software problem and more, So it’s better that you create a page which say Contact Us, and give your a little bit more time to people who need help and reply them as soon as possible.

Okay finally fourth thing you need to make some extra money, remember you will not going to make 10 bucks a day on your first week. It’s a matter of time and work that you give to your website or Blogger. To make money you need some ads to display to your blog such as:

Adsense, is a ad program which powered by google you can create a account on google website and remember adsense minimum payout is £60UK $100US so you need to have patience for this.

Adbrite, is a new to me, but it is much much better then adsense, It’s minimum payout is $5US so I think that would be easy to make $5 in a month And the earnings are also much better then adsense.

Clickbank, is a program for Publishers and Advertisers, Publisher is for make money and Advertiser is to give them money to show your advert on their page. But there is something different in this program fro other’s which is You don’t actually need to wait for minimum payout, because it send you your choice of payment method to your direct deposit also, so far I think. In thsi program you don’t need to show ads But it’s kind of same thing. You need to promote their prduct from your site, So If a person buys a ebook for around £9 so you will get high commissions for that.

The last one is Amazon associates. Which is same as Clickbank you need to promote their products and amazon will give you commissions for that.

So guys I think it helps you, But if you want a bunch of make money tips please comment and let me know so i will post another article for all websites.

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