Five years update.
Five years ago Youtube had a dream to start a Video sharing buisness and they’re going to hit the complete organisations with their featured website.

But what they gave achieved  in 5 years?
Most of you might have seen their channel youtube 5 years, But there is a secret story that youtube have been sharing it for all time 

The story is about a guy who has started his first business and the guy want to upload lot’s of videos without paying anything, So thought about a sharing website so everyone can upload videos and share it with world. You guys might don’t know Youtube partners has been approved after 2 years of the website made, And after made a program like partners youtube has become 1 of the famous video sharing ever,

Youtube today has a Hit  more the 2 billion a day, and more then 5 billion people are sharing the videos everyday, and most of them are already partners, And some of them are trying for Youtube partner, I mean why someone going miss this amazing opportunity, they get money for doing this.

So far youtube have no plans for closing their website, ofcourse why they gonna do this ? Ofcourse not.
Youtube is having their official 5 years channel, And there you will find most of the stories from users all over the world even from Nigeria lol.

I’m really happy for youtube, I wish them happy and ever running website. Good Luck