This article will tell you about the diet you’re going to change and how it helps to improve your health & wealth. It will also explain you about the consequences of poor diet and how it effects on your health and your established business.

In life I have tried many things to improve my look, fitness and health, but the splendid thing I am going to tell you is a healthy diet that will make you look healthy than you are now. As you all know, if we’re healthy then of course you’ll be wealthy too because our mind runs quickly and suspects new ideas to establish the profession that you are in.  

I have tried this diet and now I want to help others as well to change their difficult and money ruining programmes of their diet into affordable and effective diet. Many people are under illusion that joining a Fitness club will fix their entire health issues, but it’s not ethical. Fitness clubs can make you slim or fit, but never make you look healthy.

You need protein, vitamins, nutrients and minerals in your every day life, so start with a fresh pure orange juice (should not be made from concentrate) in the morning because you feel awake after that and it fulfils the amount of vitamins your body needs. Orange juice has vitamin c in it which is very important for you. Deficiency of vitamin c leads you to the condition called scurvy which causes muscle weakness, swollen and bleeding gums, loss of teeth, tiredness (under eye circles or puffiness) and depression. Vitamin c deficiency also causes wounds to heal slowly.

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In the evening have your normal lunch that you take normally (avoid things that contain too much fats). It’s easy to get fats but hard too loose it, so always remember that. Don’t forget to eat 2-3 apples right after your lunch. The apples should be red, fresh, and properly washed.

In the afternoon have a cup of coffee (any coffee, but strong). Scientists have researched that coffee keeps you look younger and awake. I assume that drinking coffee keeps your facial skin smooth and spots free. I suggest you should drink coffee twice a day.

After afternoon we come to talk about the dinner, what to eat? Well, it’s up to you, but remembers:  no fat food. After having your dinner you should go for a little walk to get digest what you have just eaten. Some times we fall asleep right after having the dinner, which is wrong and effects on your body. Remember; always drink water after dinner, no drinks please.

As you come back from the short walk, have a glass of hot pasteurized milk and sleep. Keep on this diet and see the results that will be appeared very soon after 1 or 2 months. You got to be thinking, what will happen? Well take you’ll see that later, but for now obey this diet.

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