It’s not about only making money, It’s about your respect!
Well, Where to start?

hmm Okay let’s start with my story…10 years ago I’m sorry I mean 1 year ago I started write on triond, But for me triond wasn’t the only way of make money easy, Because I wasn’t getting any response to my articles Which I been published.

In 2009 I had about 5 articles which were written by my brother and they are so popular. still, the articles my brother written have more than 800 views of each one well there are different values of views but they all around 800 views.

So why I wasn’t writing on triond? I thought triond is a scam as other’s like pay per click website or any other websites who promise to pay through paypal But they don’t actually do that. So what I did was, I searched all over the web about triond same payment proof like Cheques, Paypal proof and some other.
 So I been confirm that this is scam But after actually receiving my first payment from triond which was $0.59 Okay that was all-right for start. I been confirm that this is a legit way of making money.

But what happen when I started writing more articles? Okay When I started writing more, I was very confident Im still confident. But before was a different thing because I received my first payments, So I started writing about 2-3 articles a day About? whatever I know.

I been making about same $0.59 for 3 months and after that I stopped writing due to making a website for making more money.

But on January 1 2010. I started writing again and since than I got about 81 articles now Including this.
The secret behind making money is PATIENCE because you can’t expect $100 a month in a first month, So it’s better that you be patience for about 1 year and write about 1 article a day. And now my earnings are more than $3 in 2 weeks.
I hope that helps.

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