Are you fed up with those boring and ineffective ways of improving English? Don’t worry this article will sort out this problem. After reading this article you’ll certainly be able to improve you English. There is a saying “no pain no gain”. It means if you don’t take pain you don’t gain buddy. Below is a list of 22 effective and selected ways to improve English. Please read them thoroughly and carefully.

  1. 1 Buy an electronic dictionary, which speaks. Understanding of the terms is not adequate. Although you need to know, how the words are pronounced. Speaking dictionary will not just find a word for you; it will also speak it for you. Today no one is bothered to suspect words from the ordinary dictionaries, as it takes time to find words alphabetically. But in electronic dictionaries you type and it shows. You press speak it speaks. As simple as that.

  2. 2 Start you own Blog. Blogging has considered being a great way to improve English online. Blog is a place, where you write anything on any topic you like. For example, write stories, articles, reviews of books, movies, music, etc, write about yourself, like what do you do every day and what unusual and surprising occurs. Join communities and add other blog members into your blog. It enables them and you to see what they are posting and what you are posting in your blogs. Read their posts and comment if you like them.

  3. 3 Newspapers – Reading newspaper is one of the greatest ways ever considered. While you are improving your English reading newspapers, at the same time you know what’s been happening in the world. Underline the words you don’t understand and keep reading. Its time to find the meaning of the words you’d underlined. Write their meanings against them in a bracket and read it again. 

  4. 4 Read news online – If you have a computer at home, then you don’t need to waste your money buying newspapers. BBC is one of the established websites over the internet. Search for the latest news, print that news, read it, underline difficult words, find their meanings from the dictionary, write them against each underlined term, and read it.

  5. 5 Signup for a regular English tip website – There are many websites over the internet that e-mail you free English tips everyday. Signup for them and lift the advantage of them.

  6. 6 Listen to English mp3 music along their lyrics – If you have an iPod or any mp3 player, then it’s great. Remove all the songs that are in your language and upload some English songs instead. Print their lyrics and sing along the song.  

  7. 7 Environment – This is very important that you change the environment a bit. Try to speak in English with your family member as much as possible. It will not just improve your English, though it will improve their English too. 

  8. 8 Read English books of which you have watched the movies of – Readings books can be a little hard for ESOL, but not impossible. If you have watched a famous English movie, then it’s easy for you to read its written version. But if you have not, then there are many famous books that have been made into movies you can watch and then read their books. Some of those famous movies are Titanic, Narnia, the Godfather, etc.

  9. 9 Buy movies that have subtitles – Whether you buy DVDs or watch movies online, they should have the feature of the subtitle. Not all DVDs come with this feature, but it’s clearly written whether it’s got this feature or not on the cover. I’ll recommend DVDs, because you can watch them again and again till you understand. 

  10. 10 Dialogue books – Read books with a lots of dialogue. It will improve you speaking skills. Read different types of comics and focus on their dialogues.

  11. 11 Read magazines – reading a magazine is one of the interesting ways. It improves your understanding and knowledge about the ordinary or extraordinary people out there and helps you a lot.

  12. 12 Join an English speaking course, if you can. It will improve your basic grammar skills in writing by which you’ll be able to write, listen or read more effectively.

  13. 13 Listen to English Radio – listening radio is one of the best English improving sources. Even though you don’t understand English properly, it still does its job to improve you English. Keep your radio on all day and do your work.

  14. 14 Learn English from games – One of the exciting ways of learning English is to play games that improve you, like brain trainer, brain challenge, brain age etc. If you don’t have a game consoles, or emulators, then of course you would have at least a computer at home. You can play online brain training games on your computer.

  15. 15 Watch English Cartoons shows – watching cartoon shows on TV is interesting and effective way to improve English. Where you are taking the fun, there you’re learning too. I’ll recommend shows with their English subtitles. Cartoon Network is one of the top cartoon channels and it has many cartoon shows that have subtitles included, so why not lift the advantages of them.

  16. 16 Read children’s books – Reading children’s books improve your basic lacking, for example, do you know all the animals’ name, fruits name, vegetables name, etc? No. If you feel like you deserve this level, then don’t waste your time go ahead.  

  17. 17 Slangs and idioms – Learn slangs and idioms in English. People often use idioms or slangs when they speak. There are many websites over the internet, where you can find A to Z idioms. And there are many where you can find American slang terms. For example, urban dictionary, this offers you thousands of free slangs.

  18. 18 Check how you sound like – Recording you voice in a recorder and check how you sound like. It tells you whether you sound good, or bad while speaking.

  19. 19 Reference sites – If you don’t have an electronic dictionary, still there is a key to know how the words are

  20. 20 Images for the word – also look for the images of the words you don’t know. For example, if you are looking for the meaning of a word “wrapper”, then search it on Google/images. Then later It will be easier for you to recognize the names of the things you come across.

  21. 21 Travel a lot – Travel a lot. Find out places or things and do some research on things that look amazing and interesting to you and write your opinion about them. You need a blog to share your day by day tasks and journeys that you make.

    Never bring the feeling inside that you can’t speak in English. Try to speak, though you’re in a public place. Don’t shy. Anyway, we all learn from the mistakes we make.
And Wake up on time.