Step 1
Start with hairs. See whether you hair is straight, Long or Short, women want to see that take at least a passing interest in the state of your coiffure. Comb it if you’ve got it, but don’t go overboard. It’s a dashing women who want’s you to have pretty hair than she has.

Step 2
Lose your beard and moustache, some times experiments do work on women or if you don’t want to shave it off, at least trim it. The point is, that you show women that you do care about your appearance.

Step 3
Practice for eating nicely. Make sure there is no food stuck in your teeth, and get rid of bad breath. Take shower at least once a day and use deodorant. Apply aftershave sparingly. Use enough to leave them wanting more.

Step 4
Dress comfortably. If the women you’re trying to attract is more stylish and want’s to wear skirts and jeans all the time then try to give her your support, dress like fashionable, dress enough fashionable otherwise she might think you’re doing this all for her.

Step 5
There is no need to sit random straight, but don’t slouch while you’re standing or walking. It will always make you look older and more out of shape.

Step 6
Best behave all time,  avoid picking your nose or ears, chewing with your mouth open or losing your confidence, that is the most important thing which will always be with you and give you the strength to relax.

Step 7 
Talk nicely and sensible which proves that you are more impressive then other guys who always talk random without making any sense.