MakeMoneyOnlinePhoto.jpg Internet Marketing is Lucrative! image by tinny08Do you want to earn real money with a? Please read this article thoroughly. It will tell you all about how to start a website and make money with it. It will instruct you step by step till you fully set up. It’s easy and make you good money online. The best strategy that ever been selected by most of the people want to earn online.

There are several or perhaps thousand ways to make money online, but not as easy as you expect. I have been browsing for like 7 years on the internet for the accurate and easy way to make money somehow.

 I went on many sites like get paid for your opinion, get paid for when you refer friends, get paid to fill out surveys, and many other sites like them. But the most phenomenal way, which I liked, was to create a website and start earning money with it. 

To do so, you need to have a website and contents for it. If you are good at browsing, then you’re done! Now read the instructions below to get started.

Search for available and a superb domain name – your domain name should be too long because it can not be memorized easily. You can choose any one of available domain names, but choose the one that is bit weird and unforgettable. For example:

Create a website – don’t bother about how your website looks, you just need to focus on the contents you’re going to serve your audience. Contents can be information or music, videos, movies, software etc. Never let your visitors go empty hands because; if you do that they would never come back to your website. It’s your thought to serve them as better as you can.

Get paid for showing ads on you website– Google offers you the program by which you can earn money with your website. By showing ads on different sections of your website you can earn money. PPC or full page ads can make you rich if you have much traffic on your website. For more information on earning money by showing ads visit:

Traffic to your website – once you have created and published your website, it’s time to advertise your website on Google will bring the visitors to your website, but you have to pay for every click that the visitors do before visiting your website. For more information about advertising your website visit:

Remember: No scamming, and read terms and conditions of every signup you do.