Some parents are dismayed when their newborn’s perfect face suddenly breaks out in tiny red bumps, like pimples, which is called baby acne. While the condition may look painful, it usually does not give tension the baby at all. And like many other difficulties stage of infancy, this one, too, shall pass 

Baby acne is the most important thing to notice it can be happen any the day of the birth Any time it can go off by it self when the baby is 6 months old but if you need it fast then here are the few steps hope it will help

Look for baby acne on cheeks, forehead and chin. Some babies also get it on their back as well.
Understand that nothing you do is likely to cause baby acne, but there are things that can make the existing condition worse.

Realize that baby acne is often aggravated by drooling or spit up that irritates the sensitive skin of the face. Therefore, try to keep the area around the mouth as clean and dry as possible.
Recognize that holding your baby against your clothing can also increase the problem. Wearing soft fabrics washed in all natural detergents may help.

Take care not to overheat your baby, as this can be another factor that causes the acne to flare up.
Thanks for reading i hope it helps 

I will put some more easy ways to do it Later, so far I’m Learning about baby caring So I will share everything about baby I learn.